What and how to donate.

There are many different ways to support your local solidarity cafe, donations being one of them.

However there are different kind of donations your local solidarity cafe might look for and accept. Let’s try to summarise them.

Most common are the financial donations. As you may already know, we have at least a couple of buckets during every event in which you can drop your cash. If solid money are not your thing, you can donate digitally through our Open Collective account. If it is possible, try to do a bank transfer rather than paying by card as we will incur in less fees. Most of this kind of donations we collect will go towards Halkevi which has been letting use their space free of charge since the beginning of our adventure.

As we try to not buy but rather rescue, food donations are also very welcome. We always have a vegan menu, hence all vegetables and fruits are welcome as well as any dry ingredients we can use. We also don’t mind having vegetarian food, in fact pastries and baked goods are another more than welcome donation. It is best to bring your donation directly to the cafe on the day of the event, but, if you can’t, feel free to contact us and we will try our best to arrange a collection. 

We have an infoshop on which zines, posters, stickers, badges and radical material in any other form or shape is welcome!

We also have free binders, free clothes and free books so if you have old binders or clothes you don’t use anymore, bring them to us. Book-wise, we want to try to keep it relevant. It might not have to be as radical as our infoshop, but please don’t bring that old John Grisham novel that’s always on someone shelf.

Any arts and crafts material always welcome!

We seem to have everything we need in the kitchen, but more chopping boards, big knives and mixing bowls would be well accepted.

We also need a speaker. We’ve been borrowing one since ever and it has worked so far, but it would make our lives easier to know we have one always in our storage room (which we will happily lend to whoever needs it of course).