Guidelines for making a DSC poster.

Hi! Do you want to make a poster for our next event?Here there are some useful guidelines:

  • Relevant title (optional), sometimes we “name” the event, sometimes it’s just Dalston Solidarity Cafe;
  • Graphics, illustrations, drawings and whatever else are up to you as far as are relevant to the theme and don’t make reading difficult;
  • Speaking of reading and accessibility, try to stick to a single font for the whole poster. We recommend Open Dyslexic or Inconstant Regular or any sans serif font. Also,make sure there is an high contrast between text and background, there are many tools online to check that like this one. Space/breaks in between paragraphs are also helpful;
  • Date and time of the event as well as the breaking down of the event timeline (don’t forget that free food and drinks are available throughout the whole event);
  • Social media handles and contacts of DSC and any other group involved;
  • Add our logo and the one of any other group involved;
  • We also have a QR code to our linktree;
  • It would be good to have both a square version for social media as well as a printable A3;
  • Find examples of previous posters here and here;
  • Feel free to add as much love as you want to!